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The Cornish Fishmonger

Cornish Trout Portions (2 x 120 - 130g)

Cornish Trout Portions (2 x 120 - 130g)

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Sourced exclusively for us from a sustainable fishery near Boscastle, our Cornish Trout are hand-reared and unlike any Trout you'll find elewhere. 

(Please note that this product is dispatched frozen and may begin to defrost in transit- this makes it not suitable for home freezing)

Like their rainbow cousins, our Cornish trout do well whole roasted with herbs and lemon.

Their firm texture, luscious pink colour and delicate, sweet flavour make our Trout a winner for a special meals - and we've taken the hard work out of preparing your fish with the carefully-created twin portion pack.

They’re very easy to cook to perfection en papilotte, and we love the smoky flavour you can get when they’re cooked on the barbecue with a few slices of lemon.




Source of essential omega 3 fats for brain boosting benefits.
Sourced exclusively for us from a sustainable farm in Boscastle,Cornwall.

Please note that due to market conditions, sometimes dictated by the weather on rare occasions we may have to send you frozen fish, which could arrive partially-defrosted.


Learn more about our Cornish Trout, and the preparations available with Jack, The Cornish Fishmonger


Jack, The Cornish Fishmonger heads to a secluded valley near Boscastle to find out more about where our Cornish Trout comes from.

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Please be aware that since the acquisition of the Fish For Thought Brand by The Cornish Fishmonger there may be occasions when you receive your order in packaging that is branded The Cornish Fishmonger.