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Monkfish Tail Fillet Portions

Monkfish Tail Fillet Portions

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In the last 20 years Monkfish has become one of the most popular species available. Also known as the anglerfish, when whole it looks pretty terrifying. The heads are routinely removed at sea and usually only the tail is sold. With a single bone running through the tail and a robust meaty texture, it is both versatile and delicious. The South West fishery, where we source from, is the one British fishery showing sustainable levels of Monkfish. We have skinned and filleted the monk by hand, and then packed and blast frozen it. Each pack contains enough fillet for 2 x 180g main course portions or 4 starters.

* We source dayboat fish from markets including Newlyn and Plymouth
* Monkfish stocks in Cornwall are in good health and recently added to 'Recommended' list in Cornwall Good Seafood Guide
* Good source of Omega 3 and provides many essential vitamins and minerals
* Robust and meaty fish, it works really well in a goan curry

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