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Octopus (1kg)

Octopus (1kg)

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Octopus are commonly caught in trawler nets alongside other more popular shellfish – but they’re fantastic eating and are really quite versatile considering their very firm texture.

Octopus are a mollusc rather than a fish and their tentacles are covered in circular suckers which they grab their prey with.

Because they’re so strong, the meat needs to be tenderised before being eaten. This is usually is done by simmering the octopus for 40-60 minutes in water or stock, and then finishing it off in the frying pan or on the barbecue, although some chefs swear by freezing it first.

Octopus is commonly eaten in stews but is delicious thinly sliced into a summer salad or even eaten raw as sashimi.

May arrive frozen.

Please note the number of octopus to the kilo will vary depending on the size of the fish landed on the market that day.



Comes cleaned and ready to cook (please expect 70% yield of the 1kg pre cleaned weight)

Sourced from mix catch trawls along the Cornish coast

Available year-round

After tenderising, barbecue or slice into salad

Please note that due to market conditions, sometimes dictated by the weather on rare occasions we may have to send you frozen fish, which could arrive partially-defrosted (making it not suitable for home freezing)

Storage & Preparation

Octopus arrives cleaned which is all the prep needed for it prior to you cooking it.

In some cases, this product may be dispatched frozen and begin to defrost in transit. Therefore might not be suitable for home freezing.

Cleaning it removes some of the weight, so please expect 70% yield of the 1kg pre cleaned weight.

Fresh fish is best eaten straight away, or within 3 days.

Store in your refrigerator and pack with ice if possible.

To freeze; place the fish straight in the freezer upon delivery and aim to consume within 3 months.

TIP: Write the date on the packaging before freezing. Do not re-freeze your fish after defrosting.

Origin & Nutrition 


Latin Name Octopoda Eledone cirhossa or Eledone moschata
Sea area FAO 27
Sub area North East Atlantic

Nutritional information (per 100g)

Nutritional information

This product has been handled on a site that handles fish, mollusc, crustation, mustard, egg and gluten.

We take the utmost care to ensure the accuracy of the product information displayed on our website. However, we want to make you aware that product recipes may undergo periodic changes, which may affect the nutritional or allergen information provided. As such, we recommend that you always consult the product labels and not rely solely on the information presented on our website. Here at the Cornish Fishmonger, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products and accurate information to enable them to make informed purchasing decisions.

Kcal 84 per 100g
Protein 17.9g per 100g
Carbohydrates 0g per 100g
Sugars 0g per 100g
Fat 1.3g per 100g
Saturates 0.3g per 100g
Salt 363mg per 100g
Warning Contains Fish Contains Shellfish
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