Gurnard with Pea and Pancetta Puree

Gurnard with Pea and Pancetta Puree

A fish that is now emerging as a tasty and sustainable alternative to more traditional choices. Accompanied with a delicious Chef made Pea and Pancetta puree

  •  Dish Type: Main
  •  Serves: 2
  •  Preparation time: 15 mins
  •  Cooking time: 10 mins
  •  Difficulty: Easy
  •  Cuisine type: British


Kit Includes: 1 x Gurnard, Filleted 1 x 200g Pea and Pancetta Puree (Peas, BUTTER, Pancetta, Salt, Pepper)


  1. Defrost the Gurnard fillets, drain and dry them on some kitchen paper or similar.
  2. Oil & season the fish and pre-heat a dry non-stick pan over a medium heat.
  3. Place the Gurnard, skin side down and let them sizzle and caramelise for approximately 3 minutes before turning.
  4. Flip them over and add 15g of butter to the pan. Baste the Gurnard with the butter which should bubble and foam as it melts.
  5. After approximately 45 seconds, remove the pan from heat but continue basting the Gurnard.
  6. After a further 30 seconds, remove the Gurnard from the pan.
  7. Place the Pea and Pancetta Puree in a bowl and heat in a microwave oven for 2 mins until hot.
  8. Finish by placing the Gurnard atop of the Pea and Pancetta Puree.

Serving suggestion: Serve with roasted Cornish new potatoes, roasted wedges of onion and carrot with garlic and thyme.

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