We stand for seafood done differently, with our pioneering approach to sustainable sourcing, using science not greenwash. We supply some of the UK's leading restaurants and food retailers, and are always happy to talk to new potential wholesale customers. Here's what makes us different:


Total Commitment to Sustainable Sourcing and Delivery

Many people in our industry talk about sustainable and ethical sourcing, but we let our actions speak for us.

  • We are proud supporters of the Wildlife Trust's Cornwall Good Seafood Guide, and use its scientific sustainability scoring system to guide what seafood we sell. This takes into account catch method as well as population status.
  • We support the National Lobster Hatchery in Padstow and all the work that they do to maintain a healthy and sustainable fishery, here in the South West.
  • Unless a product meets our sustainability standards, we do not source until we can find a viable sustainable option or at least offer an excellent alternative.

    In addition, we are making every effort to minimise the amount of packaging used when delivering, with an increasing number of our customers having their seafood delivered in re-useable plastic fish boxes, removing the need for unsustainable packaging.

    Bespoke Support to Suit You and Full Access to Our Team & Facilities

    Our aim is for you to see us as an extension of your business, and as a partner that you enjoy working with. To us this means:

    • Working closely with chefs, advising on the best seafood to use so their dishes reflect the seasonality of fish and shellfish, and are as sustainable as possible.
    • You and your team are very welcome to join us for an early start, ‘Market Buying Experience’ at one of our incredible South West Markets.
    • Visit Fish for Thought HQ, for us to show you the remarkable world of Cornish Seafood, first hand.
    • Collaborate on opportunities with video, photography and social media, that can benefit both businesses.


      Boat to Kitchen Convenience

      • We can fillet and skin to your specification, or deliver whole fish - whatever your team prefers.
      • Our hope is that we will be able to deliver to you, with minimum packaging at a time that is most convenient for you.
      • You will also benefit from the very personal service that we provide, with all our team.

        Contact Phone: 01726 861666 Email: hooked@fishforthought.co.uk

        Fish For Thought, Unit 4a, Warren Road, Indian Queens Industrial Estate TR9 6TL